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ADS releases Updates for ERGO Suite Mapping Apps

Aeronautical Data Systems (ADS) has just completed an upgrade for the entire suite of ERGO resource management programs: ERGO 360, ERGO 180 and ERGO BLUE. The release addresses upcoming Safety Management System (SMS) requirements and provides flexible pricing options based on desired capabilities and fleet size. Single operator options make safety affordable to all.

Safety Management System Requirements

Recognized as a key element of aircraft operational safety, SMS was made a legal requirement for 14 CFR 121 operators (airlines) in 2015. After undeniably successful results of this implementation, in 2022 these SMS requirements may become mandatory for Part 135/145 operators as well.

SMS implementation was a challenge for airlines due to the large number of employees and a long-standing cohesive culture where everyone was expected and trained to a unified level of competency. It will be even a greater challenge for corporate aviation where diverse backgrounds and diluted, often non-standard, practices have existed for numerous reasons. Unification – and standardization -- through SMS will be facilitated by tools like the ERGO suite of resource mapping apps.

ERGO programs use raw data to provide one standard solution for certain time-based systems such as the fuel and oxygen systems. The universal solution for both of these systems is a geospatial display of the current aircraft position with distance range rings depicting how far the aircraft can travel in nautical miles by converting fuel in pounds and oxygen in PSI (pressure) into distance flown.

Safety increases any time a system or operation can be standardized,” explains ADS CEO Jim Stabile, who has served on the SAE A-10 committee…for 20 years. “That is foundational to any SMS. Since the app uses raw data, the same solution applies to all aircraft regardless of OEM. For example, if I fly a Challenger one day and a BBJ another day, both oxygen system durations are read exactly the same way -- with the only difference found in the mileage between the two systems.

Looking ahead, all ERGO apps display ship location (AIS Data) which will compliment some of the Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) due to be implemented in 2023.

Flexible Pricing

To ensure safety is with reach of single aircraft operators as well as small and larger fleet operations, ADS Aeronautical Data Systems is launching a new pricing structure. Programs can be utilized for less than $7/day and can be purchased on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

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