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Our story

Aeronautical Data Systems is dedicated to bringing succinct and effective decision making assets to the aviation industry and beyond. Our unique formula of user generated development and metric/interface standardization brings our clients an unprecedented ability to communicate, coordinate and act. You have a job to do. We make sure you have the information you need - not only when you need it, but how you need it.

our story

Since 1991, Aeronautical Data Systems has provided the aviation industry with technological assets and methodologies that improve operational safety. ADS specializes in pilot-aircraft interface technology, dynamic response software, training programs via collaborative partnerships, flight plan augmentation and policy work.


With a primary area of focus on oxygen contingencies, ADS addresses hazards like smoke/fire incidents, in-flight decompression, medical emergencies and forced landings resulting from the above. Our service suite is designed around three basic criteria:

  • Ease of use by pilots in high task saturation situations

  • Compliance with SMS standards and ease of standardization

  • Ease of scale-ability to any client.


Our client base includes single-engine aircraft owner/operators, professional Part 91 and 135 operators and large 121 operations.


James Stabile, CEO


Co-founder and CEO, Jim Stabile, has over 30,000 flight hours as a commercial pilot for a major air carrier in numerous Boeing aircraft, as well as Gulfstream, Canadair, Hawker and LearJet aircraft. He has been an active member of the SAE Aerospace Committee since 1998 and served on the Continental Airlines Master Executive Council Safety Committee for six years.

our partners

featured partner

The UND Aerospace Foundation maintains a robust tradition of forward thinking. When it comes to Aviation Human Factors, Physiology, and Oxygen Management Training, their curriculum represents the highest levels of development in the industry. As proud subject matter contributors, Aeronautical Data Systems has collaborated with UNDAF to provide inquisitive minds with the latest in field-specific technology, research and best practices. Whether you are a new and aspiring aviator, or a seasoned professional, UNDAF will put you at the forefront of aviation knowledge.

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