Eastern Australia Airlines, Fumes in Cockpit

November 10, 2016

An Eastern Australia Airlines de Havilland Dash 8-300 on behalf of Qantas, registration VH-SBB performing flight QF-2268 from Port Lincoln,SA to Adelaide,SA (Australia), was descending towards Adelaide when the crew observed anomalies with the primary flight display and soon after noticed fumes on the flight deck. The crew donned their oxygen masks and continued for a safe landing on Adelaide's runway 12 about 6 minutes later. The aircraft stopped on the adjacent taxiway, where passengers disembarked.

The ATSB rated the occurrence an incident and opened an investigation.

On Mar 24th 2017 the ATSB released their final report concluding the causes of the incident were:

- The captain’s electronic attitude director indicator (EADI) failed, resulting in fumes in the aircraft.

- As a result of the fumes in the aircraft, the crew reduced the potential risk to the aircraft occupants by conducting a precautionary disembarkation onto a taxiway.

The ATSB reported the aircraft was descending through about 9000 feet when the first officer, pilot flying, noticed the captain's EADI screen had gone blank. The display failure checklist was actioned, the captain's EADI was turned off, the screen however returned to normal for about 5 seconds and then pulsed on and off before going blank again. Descending through 6000 feet the crew noticed a faint electric smell, assumed it originated from the failed EADI and informed the cabin crew that there was a smell on the flight deck. As the flight crew perceived the smell getting worse they donned their oxygen masks and smoke goggles and turned off the air conditioning recirculation fans. A flight attendant approaching the forward cabin noticed an electrical smell that was not noticeable beyond seat row 1, the flight crew advised they were now on oxygen.

The crew declared PAN advising ATC of an instrument failure and electrical smell, emergency services were requested on stand by, the aircraft was cleared to land on runway 12 and landed. The aircraft vacated the runway and stopped on the taxiway, where a precautionary disembarkation was performed.

Source: http://avherald.com/h?article=4a0d4f31&opt=0


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