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Incident: American B773 at Sao Paulo on Jan 22nd 2023, cabin did not pressurize

An American Airlines Boeing 777-300, registration N730AN performing flight AA-950 from Sao Paulo Guarulhos,SP (Brazil) to New York JFK,NY (USA) with 225 passengers and 14 crew, was climbing out of Sao Paulo when the aircraft initiated a rapid descent at about FL210 down to FL120 due to the cabin not pressurizing normally, the passenger oxygen masks deployed. The aircraft returned to Sao Paulo for a safe landing on Guarulhos' runway 28R about 45 minutes after departure. As result of the landing roll brakes overheated causing a number of main tyres to deflate.

Passengers reported the captain announced a cabin pressure problem, the oxygen masks were released.

The airline reported mechanical problems as cause for the return.

On Feb 1st 2023 Brazil's CENIPA reported the aircraft suffered a failure in the pressurization system during the climb, the related checklists were accomplished and the aircraft returned to Sao Paulo. The occurrence was rated an incident.

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