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ERGO 360 Mapping App Releases Latest Update

Aeronautical Data Systems (ADS) has just released the latest update (v6.2) of its Ergo360 mapping app, which provides a visual picture of an aircraft’s position relative to airports and ships within its fuel and oxygen ranges. Following its addition to the FAA-approved EFB technologies nine months ago, the app has received much positive press about its value in maritime search and rescue efforts. The update includes:

  • Automatic data population from flight plan into Ergo360

  • Standardized ETP analysis from the ETP to the diversion airport with fuel/oxygen reserves calculations every 15 minutes

  • Flight route waypoint overlay display for improved situational awareness

  • Split-screen environment capability to permit operation and viewing of multiple apps

  • Time of latest vessel position update

“The flight planning features were developed in direct response to customer feedback,” explains ADS CEO Jim Stabile. “We were happy to make these updates which decrease the likelihood of user entry errors while providing an even more comprehensive and timely display of emergency landing options for quickest possible rescue.”

The ability to open the app in a split screen or multiple display environment partners well with ForeFlight and Garmin multitasking developments, as shown in this AIN News video. The app can also transmit a continuous iPad computer-generated distress message over the maritime emergency frequency, Channel 16, which provides ships within VHF range continuously updated aircraft information, including position, altitude, airspeed and time to a water landing.

The Ergo360 app utilizes a detailed airport database (including facilities that may not be listed in the FMS) and a live-streaming maritime database of 220,000 ships. The ships’ automatic identification system (AIS) data includes vessels’ speed, direction and type of ship.

ADS is now working towards securing approval for additional communication capabilities as well as expansion of the database to include fixed and mobile oil rigs and remote islands.

“Improving safety through accurate and intuitive visual information equips pilots to make informed split second decisions in a highly task-saturated situation,” explains Stabile. “Thinking outside the proverbial box – but thinking like fellow pilots -- continues to be a cornerstone of our organization.”

For information, contact Jim Stabile at or 973-383-2224.

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