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Lufthansa flight LH-1650 loses Cabin Pressure near Budapest

A Lufthansa Cityline Canadair CRJ-900, registration D-ACKK performing flight LH-1650 from Munich (Germany) to Sibiu (Romania) with 53 passengers and 4 crew, was enroute at FL390 about 90nm west of Budapest (Hungary) when the crew initiated an emergency descent to FL100 reporting a cracked windshield and loss of cabin pressure. The aircraft diverted to Budapest for a safe landing on runway 31R about 25 minutes later. The occurrence aircraft remained on the ground in Budapest for about 24 hours, then positioned back to Munich. On Aug 16th 2019 The Aviation Herald received information that the windshield was not cracked. While enroute at FL390 the right hand pack failed prompting the crew to initiate a normal descent with the left hand pack still working. Descending through FL350 the left hand pack also failed prompting the crew to initiate an emergency descent, the cabin altitude warning (FL100) occurred, however, the passenger oxygen masks were not released, 14,000 feet cabin altitude were never reached. The causes of the faults of both packs are being investigated.

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