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Loss of Cabin Pressure at FL380

Aeromexico N520AM, Boeing 737-800, B738 by Aero Icarus (license CC by-sa)

An Aeromexico Boeing 737-800, registration N520AM performing flight AM-448 from Cancun to Guadalajara (Mexico), was enroute at FL380 about 120nm southeast of Guadalajara when the crew initiated an emergency descent due to the loss of cabin pressure, the passenger oxygen masks were released. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Guadalajara's runway 10 about 35 minutes later. A passenger reported the cabin pressure was lost, the passenger oxygen masks were released. The aircraft landed safely in Guadalajara, a number of fellow passengers required medical attention after landing. The emergency descent had taken the aircraft out of range of receivers of some flight tracking website which prompted a local newspaper to report the aircraft having lost radar and radio contact, which prompted social media to spread "news" the aircraft had gone down in a tail spin, these social media reports even reached Russian media (RT). Radar and radio contact with ATC

however was never lost.

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