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SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Loss of Cabin Pressure

A SAS Scandinavian Airlines Airbus A340-300, registration LN-RKP performing flight SK-944 (dep Apr 15th) from Chicago O'Hare,IL (USA) to Copenhagen (Denmark) with 196 people on board, was enroute at FL350 about 180nm northwest of Goose Bay,NL (Canada) when the crew initiated an emergency descent to 10,000 feet due to the loss of cabin pressure. The aircraft diverted to Goose Bay for a safe landing about 50 minutes later. The airline reported the aircraft diverted to Goose Bay due to the gradual loss of cabin pressure, the passenger oxygen masks did not need to be released. The passengers were taken to hotels. The causes of the pressure loss are being investigated. The aircraft is estimated to continue to Copenhagen around 22:00Z and is expected to arrive in Copenhagen on Monday morning. On Apr 21st 2017 the Canadian TSB reported the aircraft was enroute at FL350 about 175nm north of Goose Bay when the flight crew received a "DOOR UNSAFE" indication due to a faulty sensor and the cabin became too warm. The flight crew consulted the computer reset table and reset the cabin temperature zone controller computer, this however caused both air conditioning packs to go offline due to the closure of both flow control valves resulting in a loss of cabin pressure. The flight crew declared emergency, descended the aircraft to 14,000 feet and diverted to Goose Bay. Maintenance found no fault with the aircraft. The loss of cabin pressure was caused by the combination of an inflight unsafe door indication and the zone controller reset.

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