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Cathay Pacific, Fuel Leak

A Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300, registration B-KQQ performing flight CX-893 from San Francisco,CA (USA) to Hong Kong (China), was enroute at FL360 over the East China Sea about 140nm northeast of Taipei (Taiwan) when the crew detected a fuel leak at the left hand engine (GE90), shut the engine down, declared PAN and decided to divert to Taipei. The crew advised they had a fuel leak but were planning to vacate the runway and keep moving the aircraft unless there was any advisory requiring a stop. The aircraft landed safely on Taipei's runway 05R about 30 minutes after leaving FL360. A passenger reported the aircraft had experienced two engine surges during the flight, then diverted to Taipei due to a fuel leak. On Mar 20th 2017 The Aviation Herald received information that the crew received abnormal indications first suggesting two engine surges, the engine recovered and continued normally with normal indications. Over Japan, while in a climb, the engine surged a third time. An increasing difference between computed and actual fuel quantity remaining as well as a fuel imbalance developed, in daylight the crew spotted fluid leaking from the left hand engine confirming a fuel leak. The crew consulted with dispatch and maintenance, decided to shut the left hand engine down and divert to Taipei, advised cabin crew to be extra vigilant with respect to possible fire from the left hand engine. Following a safe autoland on runway 05R the aircraft vacated the runway, was inspected by emergency services and cleared to continue taxi to the gate, where passengers disembarked normally. The left hand engine's variable bleed valve actuators were found leaking fuel and were replaced, as a precaution the hydromechanical unit of the engine was replaced, too.

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