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planning for the worst

Pilot-Friendly Tools & Technology to Tackle Aviation's Worst Case Scenarios

Traditionally, aviation's "worst case" is defined by the critical fuel scenario (engine loss followed by decompression). In today's world, aviation's most feared situation has been expanded to include an uncontrollable lithium ion battery fire over water with an imminent ditching in less than 15 minutes.

In either case, a standardized means of determining oxygen and fuel duration is the first key to successful resolution of the emergency. Selecting the optimal landing location, on land or water, is the second.

ADS has developed tools that aggregate complex information into a visual picture that provides pilots with the information needed to make critical decisions quickly, accurately and safely. From apps and software, to SMS programs and training, ADS is all about reducing pilot task saturation and ensuring quick rescue with flight planning and real-time technology that addresses the "unthinkable."

It's easy to proclaim it will never happen. But it does. ADS ensures you'll be prepared should it happen to you. 

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