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Some aviators believe oxygen-related hazards are countered only through technology. Others believe it’s a matter of better preparing the aviators themselves. Aeronautical Data Systems believes it is a function of both.


Whether you are in the hangar planning your next flight, or making critical decisions in a depressurized cockpit, ADS delivers the answers you need -- when and how you need them.

WHO Uses the O2 Timer?

- Anyone responsible for complying with 14 CFR 23.1441(c)

- Pilots

- Cabin crew


- Medical personnel

WHAT the O2 Timer is Used For

- Verifying oxygen reserves during flight planning


- Explosive, rapid and slow decompressions


- Smoke/fire emergencies


- Medical emergencies


- Transporting an individual requiring therapeutic oxygen

ERGO 360

ERGO 360 takes the complicated tabular data on fuel and oxygen reserves found in the FMS and oxygen profiles, and expresses these assets on a map. The concept is simple, and when responding to a critical threat, the output can be decisive. 

Standard Oxygen ETP

The Standard Oxygen ETP (SO-ETP) is designed to simplify and standardize oxygen planning. Today there are numerous formats for oxygen planning and all of them provide pages of raw data on pressures and volumes. ADS has consolidated this information into a single sheet and applies prescribed pressures to time intervals, similarly to the way fuel is currently presented to pilots.

ADS Toolbox

The ADS Toolbox is a collection of use specific software products. These programs developed organically as tertiary products during the development of our primary dynamic response and planning services. The products found in the ADS Toolbox are ideal for OEMs and completion centers that need a leg up in crafting an oxygen system design, for flight planning providers and dispatchers looking to introduce value added features to their services, and for pilots looking for quick reference/diagnostic tools. Scroll left and right to learn more about what is in the ADS Toolbox

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