Lufthansa, Smoke in Cockpit, Odour in Cabin

March 18, 2017

A Lufthansa Airbus A340-600, registration D-AIHF performing flight LH-412 from Munich (Germany) to Newark,NJ (USA) with 286 people on board, was climbing through FL320 out of Munich when the crew donned their oxygen masks, reported smoke in the cockpit and decided to return to Munich dumping fuel on the way back, the aircraft descended to FL100. On approach to Munich the crew advised they would vacate the runway at the end and stop once clear of the runway and needed emergency services to inspect the aircraft. The aircraft landed overweight but safely on Munich's runway 26L about 40 minutes after stopping the climb.

The Aviation Herald hears reports from multiple sources that there was smoke in the cockpit prompting the crew to don their oxygen masks, in addition there was an odour in the cabin as well causing health problems to passengers and cabin crew. One flight attendant suffered Bell's palsy that continued at least through Sunday (Mar 19th) evening.

On Mar 20th 2017 Germany's BFU reported in response to our inquiry with the information as shown above that they have received information about that occurrence and are collecting information to decide how to rate the occurrence and whether to open an investigation.

On Apr 18th 2017 the BFU reported that after collecting all information the occurrence was not rated accident or serious incident and will not be investigated.



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