Student pilot emergency landing and different situations

Emergencies during fights are not something rare to happen. Student pilot emergency landing gets proper training for dealing with different situations, and it is a part of students' training. Airline training often separates emergencies into "planned" or "unplanned" landing situations. A planned emergency is when the pilot becomes aware of an issue that may threaten the rest of the flight, like engine failure or a fire, and moves to land. Unplanned landing emergencies are sudden events that send the plane into an emergency landing, like catastrophic weather or terrorist attacks. Several cases are there; some of the unplanned situations are below:

Pilot Sickness

During some flights, a pilot might fall ill and no longer can fly the plane. If this situation occurs, staff may ask for assistance from off-duty flyers in the cabin, and most longer flights have many pilots on board to avoid such requests from becoming necessary. There are multiple pilots available to prevent this type of situation.

Fire emergency

Many technology and electronics included in an operating airplane open the opportunity for fires. Airplane seats might catch fire, and even onboard entertainment screens may produce smoke. For fires in the compartment that directly affect passengers, staff has to take steps to contain the fire and inform passengers. Before taking off, staff must check all and prepare for any emergencies. In these situations, the student pilot emergency landing is essential for the training.

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