How to Land a Plane in an Emergency?

Trying to land a plane in an emergency is a terrifying prospect. But the truth is that pilots and flight attendants are trained for just these kinds of high-stress emergency situations.

However, even the most seasoned pilot can be caught off guard by an emergency landing. This is why it's essential to be prepared with the right technology for the aviators to tackle aviation's emergencies.

There's no point in sugar-coating it: landing a plane in an emergency is not great it brings distress. You can prepare yourself for the worst-case scenarios with some beneficial pilot-friendly technologies that help you get out of emergencies.

What do you do if your engine quits?

Your first response should be to stay calm and follow the checklist in your emergency procedures guide. This will help you identify the problem and take steps to fix it as quickly as possible. If the problem is serious enough that you can't make it back to the airport on one engine. Then it's time for an emergency landing.

Imagine this: You're flying over water, and suddenly the engine starts sputtering. Your co-pilot flips on the emergency landing checklist, but you know it's too late to land safely. You're going down—and fast.

How do you handle it?

Pilots probably have already thought about this scenario and planned how to land a plane in an emergency. But even then, there are many variables that can affect how your aircraft will perform in an emergency landing situation. Like wind speed and direction, visibility, runway conditions, and fuel consumption rate, even the best-laid plans won't guarantee a safe landing every time.

Aeronautical Data Systems has created ErgoBlue, an app that gives pilots access to the technology to tackle aviation's worst-case scenarios. With ErgoBlue, pilots can be rest assured that they'll find the most direct route for help in an emergency when things go south in the sky.

We believe that as an aviator, your job is to protect yourself and your passengers from harm. Thereby, we want to help make sure that happens every time.

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