How to Handle an airplane emergency landing on water?

Emergencies during flights are not something many people want to think about, and dealing with an airplane emergency landing on water or a mountain can seem like a far-off dream. People can take several flights during their life and never experience a problem. Whether controlled or not, water landings can be hazardous, and it is paramount that staff get training on how to manage them. However, complacency is dangerous.

Preparation Before the Emergency landing

However, it may seem pointless to prepare for an airplane emergency landing on water that may never come. Taking steps for readiness can make a situation where an airplane emergency does arise much more accessible.

Air companies take several steps to make passengers listen to the in-flight safety announcements, from cutting off the audio on devices to play the reports to building interesting videos to catch passengers' attention.

However, despite these efforts, there is no legal necessity for staff to make a passenger pay attention—people listening to their music through headphones instead of paying attention are responsible for their lack of understanding. However, airline staff may take action if a passenger prevents others from listening to the announcement.

Passengers can also ensure all safety implements are in place before plane takeoff. Checking that the life jacket is in place can prevent a crisis in an airplane emergency landing on water. Previous plane passengers may take the lifejackets as a sort of souvenir. On an airplane that takes several flights per day, staff does not notice if a lifejacket has gone missing.

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