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ADS App To Aid Aircraft Ditching in the Ocean

Aeronautical Data Systems (ADS) has received FAA Type B electronic flight bag (EFB) approval for its upgraded search and rescue app, Ergo360, that offers a visual picture of an aircraft’s position relative to airports and ships within its range in the event of an emergency landing.

“Our Ergo360 app has always provided a clear display of key decision-making information on a single screen, including diversion airports within the fuel and oxygen ranges of the aircraft’s location,” said ADS CEO Jim Stabile. “But now, with the additional display of ships within range, pilots are equipped to make the best decision regarding a ditching location that positions them for quickest possible rescue.”

In addition, the app can transmit a continuous mayday call over the maritime distress frequency, Channel 16, that gives ships within VHF range updated aircraft information, including its changing position as it makes a water landing. That capability does require a portable VHF marine radio connected to an iPad.

Ergo360 uses a detailed airport database, including those not listed in a flight management system (FMS), and a live-streaming maritime database of 220,000 ships with information such as speed, direction, and country of origin. With FAA approval in hand, ADS will seek approval for additional communication capabilities by the International Maritime Organization and International Civil Aviation Organization.

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