Could Pilot’s Death in Ditching Have Been Avoided by Air-Sea Communication?

How difficult would it be to find a basketball in an area of the ocean slightly larger than the city of Dallas? That was the job facing the U.S. Coast Guard 7th District Southeast over the weekend. Cutters, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft spent 21 hours unsuccessfully searching for 68-year old Robert Hopkins, a pilot for a Florida air cargo company who ditched in the Atlantic on Friday afternoon, about 13 miles off the coast of Miami. Read more here:

Ion Battery Fire in Passenger Carry-on

A TAP Portugal Airbus A320-200, registration CS-TNH performing, flight TP-574 from Lisbon (Portugal) to Frankfurt/Main (Germany) with 171 passengers and 6 crew, was on final ILS approach to Frankfurt's runway 07L about 6nm before touchdown when a passenger spotted smoke emanating from her carry on luggage, identified a battery charger as source of the smoke and attemtped to remove the charger from the luggage, due to the intense heat she could not take the charger out and instead received burns to her hand. The purser also noticed the smoke and discharged a Halon fire extinguisher, then cooled the battery in water and secured the device and battery in a secure container in the aft lavatory.

ATR-42 Emergency Descent for Decompression

A First Air Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-500, registration C-FTID performing flight 7F-852 from Yellowknife,NT to Cambridge Bay,NT (Canada) with 22 passengers and 3 crew, was enroute at FL230 about 60nm northnortheast of Yellowknife when the crew received a master warning for excess cabin altitude. The crew worked the according memory items and checklist items and performed an emergency descent to 10,000 feet. The aircraft returned to Yellowknife for a safe landing about 30 minutes after departure. The Canadian TSB reported maintenance found and replaced a damaged ground air conditioning duct check valve.

Water Rescue saves One of Two Pilots

A Conquest Air Cargo Convair C-131, registration N145GT performing freight flight QAI-504 from Nassau (Bahamas) to Miami Opa-Locka,FL (USA) with 2 crew, was enroute about 10nm east of the coast of Florida east of Miami when both engines failed forcing the crew to ditch the aircraft in the ocean about 9nm east of the coast and about 20nm southeast of Opa-Locka Airport at about 12:15L (17:15Z). Rescue services deployed to the ditching site, one of the pilots floating in a life raft was lifted to a rescue helicopter, the other pilot is currently still missing. The FAA reported the aircraft departed Nassau for Miami's Opa Locka Airport and needed to land in the water about 20nm southeast of Op

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